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FTL shipments to the UK & Ireland

We handle full loads to the United Kingdom and Ireland via ferry routes from Rotterdam. Our transport logistics network offers incredibly cost-effective routes for the import of goods from Europe.

Dalessi International Transport BV specialises in unaccompanied FTL shipping between Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal) and the UK & Ireland. We have the flexibility to accommodate peak seasonal demands, including ADR shipments, as well as regular volumes for ongoing distribution requirements. We can load our XL trailers from the rear, roof or sides to meet your specific needs. Routing all our shipments as ferry cargo through the Port of Rotterdam is more efficient and carbon-friendly than driving via the Channel Tunnel, giving your freight a healthier footprint.

Return cargo to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal

Our secure transport network ships both ways, handling exports from the UK and Ireland to mainland Europe. Maximising on the return leg of our XL trailers keeps our operations as fuel-efficient as possible.

Round-the-clock freight tracking

Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built transport management system (TMS) is designed for accurate planning and 24-hour communication with your cargo and transport team. Our entire fleet of owned Trailers have GPS hardware, allowing full track&trace from collection to delivery, and easily linked to your preferred supply chain visibility platform.

Daily collections and deliveries

Daily collections and deliveries Our transport network never stops moving and our company ethos is ‘stay until the job is done’. We handle all different types of cargo and are known for our professionalism in managing challenging deliveries, including waste and ADR.

Freight forwarding

Our experienced freight forwarding team are focussed on exports from the Netherlands to Germany, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

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