About Dalessi

Since Rene Dalessi established the company in 1991, we have been growing our reach and capabilities in road and ferry transport across Western Europe – from Germany, Holland and Belgium to the UK and back again. More than 30 years later, Rene’s son Nick now heads up Dalessi International BV and oversees a huge fleet of best-in-range trailers and trucks that serve 8+ countries, with Ireland and Portugal added in more recent years.

Dalessi is one of the largest unaccompanied cargo transport companies operating in the UK with 500 XL trailers and 80 of our own trucks, in addition to 130 drivers sub-contracted through Dalessi Polska, which has two offices in Poland.

Since Nick Dalessi acquired the company in 2020, operations continue to grow with an unwavering focus on reliability and punctuality of service. With short reporting lines and small, dedicated teams, we remain agile and proactive – committed to saying ‘yes’ to any transport logistics challenge and staying until the job is done.

How We Work

All our ferry cargo is routed through the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, connecting to the UK ports of Felixstowe, Purfleet and Immingham/Killingholme, the Port of Leixões in Portugal, and Dublin Port in Ireland. Once collected and loaded securely onto our trailers, the freight is shipped unaccompanied via daily ferry routes. A ‘tugmaster’ removes the trailers from the cargo ships and stores them safely and securely within the port ISPS area, before they are picked up by a Dalessi truck and driver for onward transport by road. Several times a day, our trailers are loaded onto and unloaded from freight ferries heading in both directions.

Efficient Sea Cargo

Our round-the-clock operation for transporting cargo to and from Europe is one of the most cost-effective, efficient and environmentally sustainable ways to import and export goods. To keep things this way, our core operational principle is always Full Trailer Load (FTL).

Trusted, Secure and Reliable Shipping

Our shipments arrive at the right place at the agreed time. In the unlikely event that a problem should arise, we know about it. GPS tracking systems on all our trailers and vehicles, along with continuous communication between our drivers and planning team, means that we know exactly where our cargo is at any time of day.

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