Specialized and reliable transport requires modern and well maintained equipment. Dalessi International Transport BV invests in that. Our fleet is approximately 150 dedicated trucks.

We also have 505 XL trailers that meet the highest quality standards. All our trailers have German cargo certificates that meet the test requirements of the German TÜV standards. And we meet international ADR safety requirements for the transport of hazardous substances.

Our trailers are by dimension: 13.62 long x 2.47 wide x 2.68 meters high. The side and top can be opened completely.
All our trucks and Trailers are equipped with GPS vehicle tracking systems. This provides us with detailed information on the whereabouts of the truck. From the time of loading, during driving and until the arrival at the delivery address. Any time of the day.

Good to know: we offer transport based on the principle of Full Trailer Load (FTL). The cargo is transported to the final destination without any additional actions.

New: Trailer GPS tracking!
In 2020 Dalessi Transport has completed her GPS project. From now on it is possible to livetrack all your shipments booked with Dalessi from loading point through unloading point.
Existing clients can contact their regular Dalessi contact to have get a free GPS account.
New clients can inquire about the possibilities of booking a transport with Dalessi with free GPS tracking through the contact form on this website.

Would you like to know more about our services? Please view this page. Or contact us directly. We'll tell you all you need to know.